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The Technology Department proposes to undertake the following non-routine work plan addressing the computer and GIS needs of the City:

1. Update Aerial Ortho-Photography (GIS)
To keep up with growth in Brentwood, the GIS Division has developed a three year aerial mapping cycle. Every three years the City contracts to have our City Limits and Urban Growth Boundary flown for updated aerial photographs only. Every six years the City contracts to update the photography and the planimetric (edge of pavement, building footprints, sidewalks) data is extracted from those photographs to provide the City with updated digital information. The City of Brentwood’s last update, which included the full planimetric data, came in March of 2012. To help keep costs down, staff tries to coordinate these projects with the City of Franklin and Williamson County whenever possible. In Fiscal Year 2014-15, the City plans to partner with Franklin and Williamson County for the acquisition of the new aerial photos.

Target Date: June, 2015

2. Police Department Records Management System Replacement
The Police Department is in the process of selecting a new software vendor for its Records Management System (RMS) and court software. The Technology department will be heavily involved with installation and implementation of the new software and with the conversion of their existing records to the new RMS system

Target Date: November 1, 2014

3. Blade Server Replacement

Our current blade servers are over 5 years old and will be replaced next year. A blade server is made up of a rack-mount chassis that has slots for 16 blade servers to fit into. Today we have 13 of the slots filled with servers. Over the past four years, we have been converting the physical servers to virtual servers using specialized software from VMWare.
This allows us to take a physical server that might normally host two applications and convert it to a virtual server that can run as many as eight applications. The VMWare software allows us to have automatic failover if there is a physical problem with the
server without the users experiencing any down time. The new blade system has more processing power and greater allotment for more memory. Changing the blade systems out will require considerable planning and coordination to keep all systems up and operational.

Target Date: January, 2015

4. Implementation of MS Office 365
Over the past few years, there has been in increase in tablets, smart phones and other ways to conveniently to connect to the internet. Traditionally, we have kept all of the information we use from the Microsoft Office Suite of tools (MS Word, Excel, etc.) inside our secure network, including the Office software itself. In today’s world, users are expecting to be able to access their data securely from anywhere. To answer these issues, Microsoft has developed “Office that resides in the Cloud”, or Office 365.  With cloud based Office 365, the end user will be able to work from various internet connected devices anywhere in the world and have access to their data (documents, email, calendars, contacts, etc.). By moving MS Office applications and e-mail to “the Cloud”, the City will eliminate the need to maintain two current servers, the spam filter, and the email archiving device. This implementation will also require a great amount of time and planning. Once completed, the City will realize a savings in staff time by not having to maintain the local servers and other network devices while also enhancing user functionality and connectivity.

Target Date: March, 2015

Last updated: 5/21/2014 2:36:23 PM