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Welcome to the Department’s Cross-connection Program web page. The information contained within is offered in hopes of educating the public about the dangers associated with contamination of the public water supply through backflow or backsiphonage and the efforts of the department to implement a cross-connection program which meets all federal, state and local rules and regulations pertaining to backflow prevention.

As a part of meeting our program obligations, the Department must have a comprehensive and proactive program aimed at reducing the likelihood of backflow due to cross connections. Such situations may pose a risk to public health by allowing the public water system to become a transmitter of diseased organisms, toxic materials, or other hazardous substances that may adversely affect large numbers of people. A critical component for the public’s protection against such occurrences is the elimination of cross connections and the isolation of such hazards from the water supply lines by properly installed and maintained backflow prevention assemblies. The City of Brentwood must continue maintenance of a continuing program of cross connection control to systematically and effectively prevent the contamination or pollution of all potable water systems.

To learn more about cross connections and their purpose, please visit EPA's cross-connection web site: click here

A list of State Certified Testers can be found here:  State Certified Testers

Form to be used for Retesting of repaired backflow assemblies: Backflow Test Report

IMPORTANT: Recent Changes To The Cross-connection Program

Beginning in January of 2009, major changes to the Department’s cross-connection program were implemented. The program changes were the result of a 2008 system audit conducted by the State of Tennessee’s, Department of Environment & Conservation or “TDEC.” The audit served the Department notice that significant changes to the program were expected including: becoming more proactive by conducting site visits (investigations) of both existing connections and properties that might contain illegal connections, a much stricter time frame for testing all system devices annually, greater record keeping and a public outreach and education program. Because of the State’s requirement to expand our existing program and increase our oversight and test the devices on a stricter schedule, the Department can no longer continue to simply ask those customers with devices in place to have them tested and send us the certification.

As a result, the Department has shifted the responsibility of testing devices from the individual homeowner to a contractor hired by the Department. Additionally, a new position within the Department was created to administer the new program requirements. The cost to implement the new program changes will be recovered by assessing customers with a cross connection device an annual fee placed on the water bill each year (cost prorated 50/50 over the January and February bills).

For the first year of the program, this fee has been set at $65.00 for residential devices and $110 for larger commercial devices. The fee is intended to recover the cost of the new inspection and program administration costs so that customers without cross-connection devices (i.e. without irrigation systems) will not be required to subsidize the extra service. Each year the cost to administer the program will be reviewed and adjusted as needed.

Note, the customer has the option to disconnect their irrigation system from the public water supply and not incur the new assessment. For more information about disconnecting your system from the public water supply, please contact Todd Spangler at 371-0080.

Last updated: 11/12/2014 5:13:39 PM