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Pay Range (non-exempt/exempt) Minimum


Group A (ne) - per year $21,299 $26,624 $31,949
Library Technician I
Parks Worker (PT)
Group B (ne) - per year $23,858 $29,827 $35,776
Maintenance Worker
Group C (ne) - per year $26,728 $33,405 $40,082
Equipment Operator I
Library Technician II
Senior Maintenance Worker
Traffic Operations Tech. (PT)
Utility Service Technician
Group D (ne) - per year $29,931 $37,398 $44,886
Accounting Clerk I
Administrative Secretary
Equipment Operator II
Grounds Specialist I
Human Resources Technician
Library Technician III
Municipal Codes Officer I
Police Records Clerk I
Public Safety Dispatcher I
Vehicle Services Technician I
Group E-PS (ne) - per year $35,194 $41,850 $48,506
Police Officer I
Group E (ne) - per year $33,509 $41,891 $50,274

Accounting Clerk II
Circulation Supervisor
Cross Connection Control Technician
Equipment Operator III
Grounds Specialist II
Librarian I
Municipal Codes Officer II
Police Records Clerk II
Public Safety Dispatcher II
Sewer Rehabilitation Technician
Utility Inspector I
Vehicle Services Technician II

Group F-PS (ne) - per year $37,544 $45,926 $54,330
Fire Engineer/Driver
Police Officer II
Group F (ne) - per year $37,544 $46,925 $56,306

Codes Enforcement Officer I
Engineering Technician I
GIS Specialist I
HR/Payroll Specialist
Librarian II
Planner I
Utility Billing Specialist
Utility Inspector II

Group G-PS (ne) - per year $42,036 $51,438 $60,861
Fire Lieutenant
Police Sergeant
Police Detective
Group G (ne) - per year $42,036 $52,541 $63,066
City Recorder
Codes Enforcement Officer II
Community Relations Specialist
Engineering Technician II
GIS Specilalist II
Librarian Services Supervisor
Planner II
Recreation Services Coordinator
Utility Compliance Supervisor
Group H-PS (ne) - per year $47,091 $57,616 $68,162
Police Lieutenant
Group H (ne) - per year $47,091 $58,864 $70,637
Chief Utility Inspector
City Planner
Computer/Network Technician
GIS Coordinator
Parks Maintenance Supervisor
Traffic Operations Coordinator
Group I-PS (e)   $52,728 $64,542 $76,336
Fire Captain (ne)
Fire Training Officer
Fire Marshal
Police Captain
Group I (e) - per year $52,728 $65,912 $79,102

Chief Building Official
City Treasurer
Community Relations Director
ECD Supervisor
Network Analyst
Operations Superintendent
Senior City Planner

Group J-PS (e) - per year $59,072 $72,280 $85,488
Group J (e) - per year $59,072 $73,840 $88,587


Group K-PS (e) - per year                                            $66,144                    80,594                    $95,763

Assistant Police Chief
Assistant Fire Chief

Group K (e) - per year $66,144 $82,680 $99,237
Assistant Water and Sewer Dir
City Engineer
Human Resources Director
Library Director
Parks and Recreation Director
Planning and Codes Director
Group L (e) - per year $74,090 $92,622 $111,134
Engineering Director
Finance Director
Public Works Director
Technology Director
Water and Sewer Director
Group M-PS (e) - per year $82,971 $101,546 $120,120
Fire Chief
Police Chief
Group M (e) - per year $82,971 $103,730 $124,467
Service Center Director
Group N (e) - per year $92,934 $116,168 $139,402`
Assistant City Manager
City Attorney
Group O (e) - Annual Salary to be established by the
Board of Commissioners each July 1
City Manager
Group P (ne) - per hour  $9  $11  $13

(ne) = position is non-exempt from overtime regulations of U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act
(e) = position is exempt from overtime regulations of U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act

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