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Wide Area Network

The city has a Wide Area Network (WAN) linking together the city's departments  located in five different buildings. Through WAN, the administrative and financial offices, fire and police departments, library and public works departments are all able to share information. Each city employee's PC can communicate with others on WAN, and can also link to sites outside the network.
Each of the City Commissioners has a personal computer or laptop installed in their home.  This provides citizens another method to contact their elected officials.

Siren Activated Traffic Signals

Almost all traffic lights within the city are equipped with what is known as a traffic pre-emption system. This system detects the sound of emergency equipment sirens and automatically changes the traffic signal to red on all sides except the side from which the equipment is approaching. The light on this side stays green.  After a predetermined time, the light returns to normal operation. By stopping all traffic prior to emergency equipment entering the intersection, a much safer situation is created for both the public and for emergency responders. Existing lights not yet equipped soon will be, as well as all future lights as that are installed.

Mobile Computing

The City has installed computers in all police and fire vehicles, allowing for direct access to City's Computer Aided Dispatch CAD) system, as well as state and federal law enforcement computer systems. For example, when a police officer makes a traffic stop, the officer will input the vehicle's license plate into the laptop and within seconds know if the vehicle has been reported stolen or if the owner of the vehicle is a wanted criminal.  The firefighters and police officers will have access to critical information from the CAD system such as; type of incident, location, cross streets, maps to the address, building information, hazardous materials, hydrant location and information and previous incidents.  Each unit is equipped with a Global Position Satellite (GPS) receiver that allows dispatchers and other mobile data units to see the location of all vehicles on a computerized mapping system.

In-Car Video Recording Systems

In-car video camera systems are used in the patrol vehicles of the Brentwood Police Department. This state-of-the-art video recording equipment benefits both the police department and the citizens of Brentwood by allowing immediate and accurate documentation of traffic stops and arrest situations. The cameras protect the officer by identifying the individual stopped and his actions. In some instances, the recordings have brought immediate closure to both citizen’s complaints about an officer’s demeanor or tactics, and complaints of excessive force by prisoners. The video system allows for the investigating supervisors to see and hear exactly what occurred during the given situation.  The system benefits Brentwood residents by ensuring that our officers maintain a professional and polite attitude at all times. The recordings are also used by supervisors to review the actions of new officers when dealing with the public during an extensive field training program. Issues of officer safety and demeanor, both positive and negative, are easily noticed through the use of these tapes.

Channel 19

The City operates a government access channel on Comcast Channel 19 in Williamson Countyand on AT&T's government access channel. This is another opportunity for the City to keep our citizens informed on what is happening in our city government.

Communications Center

The emergency communications center is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for peak efficiency while processing emergency calls for the police and fire departments. The radio equipment allows adispatcher to communicate with any of the surrounding law enforcement agencies, fire, emergency medical or emergency management departments. The Enhanced 911-telephone system allows dispatchers to immediately have the name and location of the person calling. This information is invaluable if the caller loses contact with the dispatcher. Instant playback on digital recorders on both telephones and radios allow for fast retrieval of conversational information.

"Rip and Run" Hot Printers

Printers, located in the fire stations, print critical information such as; type of incident, location, cross streets, map information, building information, hazardous materials, hydrant location and information on previous incidents prior to the firefighters responding to an incident.

Automatic Notification System

The automatic telephone notification system allows for the rapid dissemination of critical information to the citizens. This computer system acts as a telephone auto-dialer to call citizens if an emergency situation arises. For example, during a water shortage, the City's high volume water customers can be called easily and immediately to advise them to implement conservation activities. You can sign up for this system by clicking here.


The City of Brentwood is constantly updating our presence on the Internet. It provides information to citizens about upcoming city events, important community information and access to important code information from the office or home.  We stream the City Planning and Commission meetings so you can stay up to date on the latest events.

Emergency Call Boxes

Solar powered emergency call boxes are available in parks and along the bikeways. Upon opening the call box door, the call box will automatically notify the 911 Dispatch Center of the location of the caller and the caller is able to talk to the dispatcher and explain the situation and send help if needed.

Radio Systems

The City of Brentwood has an extensive two-way radio system.  This system allows each department the ability to effectively communicate their daily operations.  The radio systems have been designed to enhance emergency and disaster operations by allowing realtime communications between departments and other agencies providing situational awareness to command and control personnel.



Last updated: 9/8/2014 9:30:05 AM