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Where is a Key Box Required?
Lock Box
All new and renovated commercial buildings must install at least one Supra Key box. The fire department may determine that more than one box is required for large or multi-tenant occupancies. A master key must be provided to Fire & Rescue personnel who will place the key in the box and then lock it.

How Do I get a Key Box?

The Key box may be picked up at Brentwood Fire Station 1, 5211 Maryland Way, during normal business hours.

What is the Cost?

Key Boxes are $152.50 payable by check to the City of Brentwood.

Where to Install?

The box should be installed near the front door on most buildings. If there are questions please call the Fire Marshal for an interpretation. Exceptions most commonly apply to large multi-story buildings.

Installation Tips

  • The box must be permanently mounted approximately five (5) feet above the ground.
  • Drain holes in the box should be turned down
  • The locking lid should be attached to one of the lag bolts used for mounting.
  • Notify the Fire Department if the master key is changed at any time.

How Do I Get the Master Key in the Box?

Call the fire department at 371-0170 to schedule a time for an engine company to lock your access keys inside the key box. Anytime the keys change, the Fire Department should be notified and the key replaced.

Key Install

Last updated: 3/5/2014 3:51:31 PM